Camp Registration Form

Wishful Thinking Farm 2017 Summer Camp Registration Form



City, State, Zip Code:                                                         

Numbers where parents can be reached during camp:__________________________________



Riding Level: (Circle all that apply)   W       T      C       X-Rails     Small Courses    Full Courses

Be honest. Riders must be comfortable doing all circled activities.

Does/Has the rider lesson(ed) at Wishful Thinking?:    Yes        No

Has the rider been to camp here before?:     Yes           No

Sessions(Circle one or more):

June 26th-30th

July 17th-21st

August 21st-25th

Is there anything we should know about your camper? Allergies, etc?:                                           


Have you signed a hold harmless agreement?                        

Did you include a $100 non refundable deposit for each camper?