Wishful Thinking Farm
3292 South St
New Haven, VT 05472

Retirement Boarding Contract

This agreement, dated _________, is made between Wishful Thinking farm,(herein referred to as “the Farm” located at 3292 South St, New Haven, VT 05472, and _________________, herein referred to as “the Owner”, residing at ___________________ _________________________________________________________.

1). Horse Description:

Name:                     _______________________

Age:                        _______________________

Color/Markings:       _______________________

Sex:                        _______________________

Breed:                     _______________________
Height:                    _______________________       

2). Agreement to Board: In consideration of the Board Rate(see Section 3), the Farm will provide adequate feed and facilities for normal and reasonable care required to maintain the health and well being of said horse described in Section 1, including
            -Grain twice daily(up to 12 qts)
            -Daily Turnout
            -Blanket Changing
            -Fly Spray/Mask application
            -Protective leg gear applied
            -Grooming 2x a week

3). Board Rate: The Owner agrees to pay a monthly boarding rate of $350 for as long as the horse remains in the Farm’s custody. Payment is due by the first day of the month. The board rate may be modified by the Farm upon thirty (30) days written notice. In addition to the board rate, the Owner agrees to pay all additional charges and expenses incurred by the Farm in the care of the horse. If, in case of a health emergency for said horse, all reasonable efforts to reach the Owner have failed, the Farm is authorized to arrange for veterinary services and the Owner agrees to pay for such services directly.

     -Farrier and Deworming: The Farm has implemented a Farrier and Deworming program. The Owner agrees to pay all fees and expenses associated with the Farrier and Deworming program. If the Owner declines to be a part of either program, the Owner is then responsible.

Farrier Program accept ____   decline____    

De-worming Program  accept____  decline____
4). Term: This agreement shall start on _______________ and shall remain in effect unless and until it is terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days written notice. The terms of agreement shall apply until said horse leaves the care of the Farm and all board and other charges are paid in full by the Owner. The Owner agrees to remove the horse promptly upon the conclusion of this agreement.                   

5). Risk of Loss and Indemnity: The Owner will indemnify and hold harmless the Farm for any accident injury, disease, theft, or death of horse. The Owner will sign attached Release of Liability and shall cause any guests of the Owner or riders of said horse to sign a copy of such Release of Liability.           

6). Right of Lien: The Farm has the right of Lien as set forth in Title 9 Vermont Statutes Annotated 2075 for any amounts due under this agreement and shall have the right without process of law to retain said horse until indebtedness in satisfactorily paid in full. The foregoing shall be in addition to any rights afforded by law.
7): Warning: Under Vermont Law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or death of, a participant of equine activities resulting from inherent risks of equine activities that are obvious and necessary, pursuant to 12 V.S.A. 1039.

8): Death of Horse: Although this is a topic no one wants to discuss, it is necessary. Your horse can be buried here at the farm at your expense as we have to pay someone with a bulldozer to come out(usually between $200-$250). There is also the option of cremation through a local company but it is very expensive(approx. $1000). I can make all the arrangements for you when the time comes...

                                        Executed by the parties on ____________________
The Owner:                                                                The Farm:

Signed:    ______________________                                 Signed: _________________________

Name:     ________________________                              Name:     ________________________

Address:  ________________________


Phone:     ________________________

Cell:         ________________________

Email:       ________________________