New Haven Twilight Tails 4H


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wishful Thinking Farm, New Haven, Vt.

Starting promptly at 8:30 a.m.

Entry Fee:  $5.00 per class or $35.00 all day (pre-entry only)

1.  Beginner/Advanced Beginner Simon Says
2.  Junior/Senior/Adult Simon Says
3.  Beginner/Advanced Beginner Pole Bending
4.   Junior/Senior/Adult Pole Bending                                                       Helmets Required
5.  Beginner/Advanced Beginner Keyhole Race
6.  Junior/Senior/Adult Keyhole Race
7.  Beginner/Advanced Beginner Sit a Buck                                              RAIN OR SHINE
8.  Junior/Senior/Adult Sit a Buck
9.  Beginner/Advanced Beginner Musical Bailing Twine
10. Junior/Senior/Adult Musical Bailing Twine
11. Beginner/Advanced Beginner Water Bucket Race                              Entry Form available on-line:
12. Junior/Senior/Adult Water Bucket Race                                  
13. Beginner/Advanced Beginner Egg & Spoon Race                              Pre-Entry must be Post-
14. Junior/Senior/Adult Egg & Spoon Race                                             marked 9/10/2010
15. Beginner/Advanced Beginner Costume Race                                     Casual Attire, Any Seat
16. Junior/Senior/Adult Costume Race
17. Beginner/Advanced Beginner Barrel Race
18. Junior/Senior/Adult Barrel Race                                                        LIMITED TO 60 RIDERS
19. Beginner/Advanced Beginner Flag Race
20. Junior/Senior/Adult Flag Race

Horseless Classes - $2.00 each
21. 3-Legged Race
22. Sack Race
23. Barrel Race with Stick Horses
24. Donut Eating Race
25. Musical Bales
26. Saltine Whistle Race

New Haven Twilight 4H Club



1.    All riders must wear a current ASTM/SEI approved helmet while mounted or they will not be allowed to ride the class. Management has the right to check any rider's helmet.

2.    A parent/guardian/4-H leader must be on the grounds at all times in charge of both youth and horses.

3.    Any accidents or injuries should be reported immediately.

4.    Show management has the right to delete/add/change/combine any class pending entries or weather conditions.

5.    NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ANYWHERE ON THE PREMISES. Anyone found in possession of either will be immediately asked to leave and all money paid or prizes won will be forfeited.

6.    No refunds unless vet or doctor certificate.

7.    Please abide by the 4-H code of ethics. Proper sportsmanship by both the riders and the spectators is expected. Remember this is a 4-H event for the benefit of children.

Vermont 4-H Code of Conduct

As a Vermont 4-H member, I will be worthy of trust, honor and confidence. I will respect all people including myself. I will be responsible, accountable and self-disciplined in the pursuit of excellence. I will be just, fair and open. I will be caring in my relations with others. I am aware that my actions and decision affect others. And I will be a contributing and law-abiding citizen.


Jill Wade,
Aug 26, 2010, 7:34 AM
Jill Wade,
Aug 26, 2010, 7:34 AM