Competition Schedule 2015

Tentative Schedule, more to come as dates are released.

Triple Combination Farm Schooling Jumper Show - May 3rd - TCF
Hitching Post Schooling Trial - May 23rd - S. Royalton
Addison County 4-H Horsemanship Clinic - May 30th-June 1st - ACFFD
Champlain Valley Horse Shows - June 13th-14th - ACFFD
Twilight Tails 4-H & Open Horse Show - June 20th-21st - ACFFD
Silver Hooves 4-H & Open Horse Show - June 27th-28th - ACFFD
Horse Amour Horse Trials - June 28th - Castleton
Hitching Post Schooling Trial - July 1st - S. Royalton
VT 4-H State Show - July 9th-12th - ACFFD
Hitching Post Schooling Trial - July 18th - HPF
Champlain Valley Horse Shows - July 18th-19th - ACFFD
Horse Amour Horse Trial - July 19th - Castleton
Flaming Manes 4H & Open Horse Show - July 25th-26th - ACFFD
Addison County Fair and Field Days 4-H and Open Horse Shows:
Beginners/Advanced Beginners - August 3rd
Juniors/Seniors - August 5th
Open Horse Show - August 6th
Horse Amour Horse Trials - August 9th - Castleton
Champlain Valley Horse Shows - August 15th-16th - ACFFD
Eddy Farm Memorial 2-Phase - August 16th - Eddy Farm
Hitching Post Schooling Trial - August 19th - S. Royalton
Equestry 2-Phase - September 12th - Equestry
Champlain Valley Horse Shows - September 12th-13th - ACFFD
Eddy Farm Horse Trial - September 20th- Eddy Farm
Juniper Knoll 2-Phase- September 27th - Richmond
Horse Amour 3-Phase OR Triple Combination 2-Phase - October 4th 
Hitching Post Schooling Horse Trial - October 17th - HPF